Theme: Entrepreneurship and Innovation



The 7 Star Worker Conference 2017 - Pan African Edition


Business buzzwords are a common occurrence in management communication. A number of them carry more value in their pronunciation rather than in relevance. Their relevance lifespan is however cut short once they cannot deliver on helping to proffer solutions to business problems.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation are two related buzzwords that have however stood the test of time. When national economies have been threatened by weakened GDP and other fluctuating economic indices, Entrepreneurship and Innovation have always proven to be dependable solutions to these teeming problems.

In the 2016 Foresight Africa report developed by the Brookings Africa Growth Initiative and other scholars, six overarching themes were proposed as opportunities for Africa to overcome its obstacles and spur growth in 2017. One of these six themes is ‘Boosting Transformational Technology- Creating supportive environments for game-changing innovations’. This recommendation could come at no better time than now as it clearly will be a major game changer if well harnessed.

Now, Entrepreneurship and Innovation are not new to the African continent. Indeed, there are several expressions of these themes in many businesses that have risen above challenges to become epitomes of success. The only major challenge, however is that the volume of occurrence is very low compared to what is required.

The mindset of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, if clearly embraced by the average worker in organizations across the African continent will unleash our huge capacity for developing and deploying value-based solutions which will engender economic growth.

The decision to choose this theme for the 2017 edition of the 7 Star Worker Conference is premised on the urgent need to spur economic recovery and eventual dominance using the vehicles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Our speakers and panelists for this year’s event are pulled from different African countries. Each one of them is clearly involved in deploying entrepreneurial and innovative solutions in the private or public sectors of the nations they operate in. They will be speaking to us based on expertise, experience and an inherent passion to see Africa remain a formidable force in world economics.

This year, in the spirit of being entrepreneurial and innovative, the conference will have over 5000 participants who will participate at an on-site event and many more will join us online using technology.

As the convener of this conference, I am very excited as I have seen every edition of the conference, from the last four years, as gradual steps forward in our quest to see Nigerian and indeed African businesses emerge as 7 Star Organizations driven by 7 Star Workers. This year’s event promises to be amazing and very impactful.


Jimi Tewe

Convener, 7 Star Worker Conference

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