About The 7 Star Conference

The Nigerian economy is currently experiencing some serious challenges; this has greatly affected the profitability and the productivity of our Nation as a whole. Based on some basic indicators, it appears that the economy performed well during the years immediately after independence and into the oil boom years. However, in the 1980s the economy was in a recession.

The on-going economic reform programme is an attempt to put the economy on a recovery path with minimal inflation. In times like these, the survival our institutions, industries and organization depends on a healthy work force particularly, The 7 star worker.

A 7 star worker is an integral and an indispensable part of an organization, they possess the skills, attitudes and attributes to birth the dream of any organization. They are known to be EXCEPTIONAL in their field and the best in bringing the organization to achieve set goals which in return would help boost the economy.

Hence our focus this year is on the Theme “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”.

Our goal this year is to create a platform that would encourage entrepreneurs to be more innovative in the current economic situation.

The Need For A 7 Star Worker

With the larger percentage of Nigeria’s over 160 million population consisting of youth (63.1%) and the knowledge that they are the generation that contributes to a higher proportion of Nigeria’s growing economy, there is a need to introduce interventions that will significantly contribute to the emergence of a highly motivated and productive workforce hence giving a strong workforce.

The ‘7 Star Worker Conference’ 2017 edition recognizes this need and is poised to be an effective platform to achieve and inform the younger generations of how to leverage their competitive edge in this new economic realities.

This Edition poses to inform professional workers with the necessary skills required to excel in both the workplace and also motivate and inspire organizations to invest in raising 7 Star Workers in Nigeria and thereby adding values to the Nigerian Economy growth overtime.


Civic Centre
Victoria Island, Lagos


May 1st, 2017

What you’ll discover at conference

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Quality Keynote Sessions
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Speed Mentoring

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Networking with others
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Interactive Question and Answer sessions
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